It is with great pleasure that I write this l review for Ahead of The Curve. I have known them since the fall of 2013. I first had the privilege to work with them during my project in Philippines where they coached and performed with kids from the slums of Manila. I was project manager at that time. Due to their impressing performance throughout the project, they became my ‘go to’ dance group for my every upcoming event. In my opinion, Ahead of The Curve have distinguished themselves as the most original and energetic entertaining group I have ever worked with. They not only know how to entertain the crowd but also how to empower them and that makes them very unique in their approach. I can attest that their dance performances have always shown great promise and the way they incorporate valuable lessons and in their choreographs and then portray them in their work is truly impressive.

We know Esza as a super pro active person with a positive mind. She’s flexible (mentally & physically) and always a pleasure to work with because she’s strict in her appointments, says what she does and does what she says.

Jill Meij Workout Amsterdam