Our Director

Esza Thickems

My experiences in the arts & entertainment industry sprouted the Ahead of the Curve movement. My dance career led me to many auditions, including try-outs for commercial assignments. Too often I was confronted with my figure, or rather people had trouble seeing past my wide hips and big booty, almost as if they obscured my talent as a dancer and a performer somehow. Even among friends I noticed how the slim body type was considered a standard, a norm reflected by the “ideal image” we see in the media, a norm felt by many who have pursued diets and weight loss at the expense of health.
Eventually, my frustration became my inspiration, as I decided to put a positive spin on my negative experiences. It was the moment Ahead of the Curve was conceived. Our 2013 shout-out video for the empowerment of curvy women was met with such positive response we decided to develop the movement you see today.

I feel blessed to be able to say that, despite the body discrimination I faced, I pursued my dream and shared the stage with inspiring artists such as Berget Lewis, Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Eva Simons, Busta Rhymes and Gyptian. I also had the opportunity to work with Vincent Vianen, Laurent Flament, Ali B and many others.

After amazing opportunities, awesome bookings and collaborations I decided it was time to expand the curvy movement beyond the dance scene. After all, body discrimination affects the entire entertainment industry.

Now, four years after our first outing, I can proudly say AOTC Agency is the first Curvy entertainment agency in the Netherlands!


Be happy in your OWN healthy body – Esza Thickems

“To all the girls who think you’re fat because your not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one it’s society that’s ugly” – Marilyn Monroe